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Make Time To Make Extra Money – Time Management 

In the Gig Economy, many people, from all different walks of life, have one or even many side hustles. A secondary endeavor, such as blogging or rideshare driving can serve as a great way to make extra money and ensure the stability of your financial future.

With that said, it can be tough to find time to pursue moneymaking opportunities outside of your 9-5 job. But trust me when I say that you probably have more free time than you realize. So, without further ado, I’ve put together nine tips for how to make more time for making money!



Determine What Time of Day You are Most Productive

Once you have figured that out, start planning to squeeze in extra money-making tasks during those hours. My mind is much clearer at night, so I prioritize my evenings (whenever possible) for any number of different endeavors. Particularly blogging, seeing as how that requires my undivided attention and I can get a great deal more done when I am in the proper headspace.


Make a plan and stick to it. The money will flow in.

Best laid plans are only as effective as your ability to execute and adhere to said plans. Determine which parts of your day and week you will dedicate to your side hustle(s). And hold yourself accountable. If you are unable to consistently execute on your plan, you may have stretched yourself too thin. In this case, you may need to pencil in some more down time to avoid burning out. It is absolutely possible to over commit.

Put Your Vacation Time to Good Use

I don’t mean to suggest that you should use all of your paid vacation from your 9-5 for extra work. But PTO is a unique opportunity to double dip without really doing twice the work. If you can allocate even a few of your annual PTO days to an alternate endeavor, you’re essentially getting paid twice. And everything that you make from your side hustle during that time can be immediately socked into an emergency fund or invested.

Alternate endeavors like rideshare driving for cash are great for wide open periods of time. You can power through, make some money, and get back to enjoying your time away from your day job.

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Consider Devoting at Least one Day off Per Week to Your Side Hustle

If you have an hour-long lunch, you can bring a lunch to work, eat on site, and use the balance of your free time to work on something you are passionate about that will aid you in your quest to augment your income. If you’re good under pressure, your lunch break could be an excellent time to write up a concise and time-sensitive article for your site.



Be Strategic with Your Commute. Save Time and Money.

If one of your side endeavors is rideshare driving, consider giving rides on your way to and from work. Both the Uber and Lyft apps have a setting that allows you to only accept rides that will get you closer to a destination of your choosing. If you leave a little earlier than you normally would in the morning, you can essentially get paid to carpool. And if you don’t manage to pick up any passengers on your way to work, you can use the time before the start of your shift to work on another money-making opportunity, like blogging.


As for the ride home from work, you can simply reverse the process. Go online with one or more rideshare apps and filter trips that will get you closer to home. You may just pick up a couple of fares along the way!

Limit the Number of Hours Per Week You Spend Watching Television

A recent Nielsen study found that the average American spends nearly six hours a day engaged with some form of media. I’m all for unwinding and relaxing after a hard day but devoting even a fraction of that screen time to a side hustle is a great way to fit time for more money-making opportunities into your day and a major step towards a stronger financial future.

And when you do watch, make sure you watch streaming tv to save money.

Or alternatively, record you shows, including live sports, and then skip through the ads! Why waste time and money watching ads when you don’t have too?


When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed, Take Some Time for Yourself

I touched on this before but allow me to elaborate by saying that it’s wise to start slow and gradually take on more work, so as not to burn out prematurely and miss out on valuable opportunities to invest in your financial future. Striking the proper work/life balance is crucial when setting out to get more done and make more money. If you don’t have any time left over for yourself, you’re more likely to find yourself overwhelmed and discouraged.


Remember that Investing in Your Various Side Hustles May Eventually Prepare You to Leave Your 9-5 Behind for Good

Like many bloggers, I used to work a day job. But I have since been able to leave that behind to write full time. It didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen without a substantial time investment. But I mention this to illustrate that if you buckle down and commit to whatever it is that you are passionate about, you may just find yourself embarking upon a new and exciting career along the way!

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