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Online Surveys That Pay Cash



Did you know you can get paid to take surveys in your spare time? Well it’s possible to earn $100’s extra a year without any special skill needed!

The amount of money that you can earn will depend on the number of survey sites you register with and how many surveys you complete.

It’s all about filling in online surveys for cash and attending face-to-face focus groups. All you need is the internet and some sort of device such as a laptop or computer.

Companies use surveys all the time to learn what their current and potential customers think of their products, services, company or specific sections of their company. Companies will get valuable opinions on how to improve their services etc. and that’s what they are paying you for.

When signing up survey companies they may ask you questions such as your favorite movie, your birthday, your style and more. This is so they can figure out what people want. You should always be honest when answering because the survey companies want people who actually fit what they are looking for.

Remember to increase your chances of making money, sign-up to as many online survey companies as possible. You may only receive a few surveys you way each month from one company, so the more companies you are with the money that is able to be earned.

While there are many awesome and legitimate survey companies you could start making money with today, there are some warnings sign to look for when signing up to a new company, such as promises of big pay-outs or having to pay upfront fees just to join. If you ever receive an email from a survey site that you know you have not joined, do not click their emails just in case they are just there to take your information.


American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is a free online survey company that pay you for each survey you complete. They primarily pay through Paypal but you can also cash out and receive an Amazon gift card instead. American Consumer Opinion also gives you the opportunity to test products for free (and you get to keep the product!). You can usually earn anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey taken through American Consumer Opinion and it all depends on the length of the survey.


Receipt Hog

Earn money with purchases already bought! Simply take photos of your receipts and you can earn with Receipt Hog! You save up your points up until you can exchange them for cash via Paypal or opt for a gift card voucher instead. Currently, 1800 coins can be redeemed for $10.00, 3200 coins for $20.00 and 4500 coins is worth $30.


Additional Content Related To Online Surveys That Pay:



Swagbucks offers a fun and rewarding program that gives you free gift cards and cash when you redeem points online. Swagbucks have countless ways to earn points, including watching videos, playing games and simply using their search engine. You can earn around $5 per survey and with over $150 million to paid members it’s one of the biggest survey sites there is.



Collect points by taking part in online paid surveys with the LifePoints for an easy way to make a little extra cash. The amount of points you can earn on LifePoints generally depends on the number of surveys you complete, as well as the length of the surveys. Most surveys pay between 50 to 100 reward points which is approx $0.50 to $1.00. Any surveys that you fail to qualify for will still net you around 2 points!



Give your opinions at PrizeRebel and you will be rewarded with points in which you can redeem for free money and gift cards. Prize Rebel lets you complete surveys for points to amounts that fall between $5 and $500. You can also cash in your points for gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Whole Foods, and Walmart. In your PrizeRebel account will be a daily points page which will list opportunities for tasks that can be completed up to 20x a day. A super easy way to accumulate extra points!


Survey Junkie

With over 3 million members, Survey Junkie is one of the most popular marketing survey sites there is. You take surveys, earn points, and get paid out in cash or gift cards. With Survey Junkie, users complete a profile and Survey Junkie matches users with surveys. By completing surveys, you can earn anywhere from $0.20 to $3.50 each one.


Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost allows you to earn extra cash, Amazon gift cards, and more, just by sharing your opinion and completing their consumer surveys. In addition to paying you to answer surveys, Opinion Outpost draws for $10,000 every quarter. With every survey you complete, you earn an entry in for that big cash prize. Opinion Outpost has a 100-point minimum to cash out.


Product Report Card

With Product Report Card you to sign up to receive paid survey invitations or product testing via email. It takes less than five minutes to sign up, and it’s 100% free. You can start earning money or free products with Product Report Card right off the bat by filling out different profiles. Generally, members can earn from $1 to $5 for every survey they complete.


OneOpinion takes less than one minute to sign up and you can get paid for their online surveys through cash or gift cards. Most surveys pay the points equivalent of $1 to $5. 1000 points is $1. You need 25,000 points to start redeeming your rewards but if you are an active member this is doable in quick time. Even screening out of a survey, OneOpinion will still reward you with 50 points!


VIP Voice

VIP Voice is one of the leading companies for online surveys with surveys related to clothing, cars, beauty, food, toys, sports, and more! On VIP Voice your first survey would earn you 25 points, your third 50 points and your fifth 100 points. VIP Voice also has a daily sweepstake in which you can win $100!



Register with Toluna and you’ll receive an instant 500 points just for doing so! You then get another 1,300 for completing your profile and then more for each survey you complete. When you collect enough points, you can cash them out for PayPal transfers, Amazon vouchers, or even opt to try an instant win prize.


Inbox Dollars

Similar to Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars allows users to earn rewards for tasks such as surveys, using their search engine, watching videos and signing up for offers. With all the InboxDollars activities that pay a few dollars a month, you can easily earn up to $40 or more. When you sign up to Inbox Dollars you get an instant $5 reward!


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research will pay you for each survey you complete, while occasionally sending free products to review. Pinecone Research also use a point system where $1 is equivalent to 100 points.


Survey Spot

SurveySpot is by the same company that does Opinion Outpost and they have frequent surveys and regular giveaways. Survey Spot requires users to accumulate at least $5 before processing a payment. This low payment threshold is also one of the better things about Survey Spot.



At GetPaidTo you can earn money not just completing surveys, but also listening to the radio and playing games. GetPaidTo allows to you make some extra cash while having some fun doing it! While it depends on the amount of time you are prepared to comment it is more than possible to earn up to $25 or more.


Survey Club

Survey Club match you with available studies and surveys in your area. After you’ve completed a survey, you’re paid via cash or Amazon gift card. Survey Club can pay anywhere from $10 to $200 per survey to give you high earning potential. You might even qualify for online clinical research studies that pay $1,000 or more!



MyView surveys usually have very short and easy surveys to complete in which you earn points for every survey you complete. Each survey is worth 400 – 70,000 points (around $0.60 – $10) and you can cash out from MyView once your account balance reaches $25.


Survey Savvy

With Survey Savvy you can earn between $1 and $3 for each survey that you finish. Many survey sites pay less than a $1 per survey, so this is a nice reward. Survey Savvy pays their members via check in the mail. Even if you live outside the US, you will still get paid by this method in US currency. You can cash out when you have just $1 in your account!



Create an Ibotta account and you’ll get a FREE $10 Bonus when you redeem your first rebate in the first 15 days!  Simply create an Ibotta account, unlock rebates and rewards, go shopping, verify your purchases and within 24 hours the cash rewards go into your account! Average possible earnings for Ibotta are between $20-$25 each month.



So while doing online surveys won’t make you rich, you can certainly make enough extra cash to top those savings up, fund a well-deserved vacation or simply help to pay off those debts. It can be done while sitting on the sofa with a hot drink so why not give it a try?

Remember, literally every dollar and every penny you make brings you closer to financial independence.


Have you tried paid online surveys to make extra money? What was the funniest survey you did?

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