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I made this resource page so you can easily find recommended services, products, websites, books and more that will help you achieve Financial Indepndence. These products and services will help you organize you finances (a step many people forget to take), save money, make extra income and a lot more. You literally could be saving thousands of dollars starting today, all in one page.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions on, but every product is something I recommend. Everything on this page has been personally verified and/or used. Enjoy!


Personal Capital: Personal Capital is a must have. Why? Organizing your finances and getting an exact picture of your assets and debt is key. And Personal Capital does this at  no cost. You can track your net worth, your cash flow, your portfolios, all your credit cards, loans, investments and more. Until Personal Capital came along, I had to put all my credit cards and portfolios in a spreadsheet, looking up each one online manually. Those days are over. I consider Personal Capital a “must-have” due to its quality and the fact that it is free (they make money by pushing “financial advisors” on you, which you can easily ignore by clicking “no thanks:.) Join here.

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