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EmbraceFI (Financial Independence) has a mission to help people achieve the monetary success of their dreams. For many people, that starts out with learning how to make an extra income to supplement or replace their current source of money. We’ll help you to stop living paycheck to paycheck, pay off debt and begin to start saving and most importantly, investing money.

Making extra money, whether it be a side hustle or an online business or blog, is a great way to learn how to be an entrepreneur. Once you can learn to be your own boss, which most side hustles or extra incomes are, you can then convert that knowledge into a full-time income.

And here’s the best part.

Making a full-time income while on working only part-time hours like I do while being your own boss and travelling in luxury whenever and wherever you want.

But your path to financial success all starts with the hardest step… the first one.

That’s how I did it.





  1. 50+ Ways To Make Extra Money Today
  2. 10 Work From Home Jobs That Earn Over $1,000+ A Month
  3. How To Start A WordPress Site on BlueHost.com
  4. Make Thousands A Year By Becoming A Mystery Shopper
  5. A Dozen Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards
  6. Online Surveys That Pay Great Money
  7. The Complete Guide To Starting A Side Business
  8. How Anyone Can Make Money From A Blog
  9. Freelance Writing From Home Or Anywhere In The World
  10. Work Form Home Selling On Amazon
  11. Great Money-Making Online Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $200
  12. and many more to come…

And don’t forget, one of the best ways to make extra money is to invest money that gives you an ongoing, passive income. No matter how much you can save, whether is just $10 a month or $10,000 a month, we’ll show you exactly how anyone, due to massive changes that occurred in the fall of 2019, can invest into dividend paying stocks at absolutely zero cost forever that can both beat the market and provide you with lifelong income every single month! Simply join our free newsletter for more.

I’ll be tracking the income that comes from this blog month by month, to show you how anyone can start a blog that makes money.

I’ll also be posting the following articles based on my past experiences with making extra money, such as:


  • Exactly How I Made $40,000+ A Month In Affiliate Marketing.
  • How I Made $100,000 (and ongoing) Shooting A “Found-Footage” Movie With Two Friends As My Crew.
  • How I Am Still Making $5,000 A Month In 2020 In Recurring Revenue From an Online, Work-At-Home Business I Completely Stopped Working on in 2016! Yep, Done Literally Nothing For 3+ Years And The Money Keeps Flowing (hint: recurring revenue).


Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Starting Today


The following list below contains many ways to make extra money. With just a little bit of time, and in some cases, literally no time at all, you can have an extra source of income starting asap.

And remember, investing as little as $20 a month can lead to over $1 million in retirement. We’ll show you exactly how later.

We’ve divided the easy ways to make extra money into 4 categories– Each category increases in the potential amount of money you can make.


  1. Ways to make money on things you already do.
  2. Ways to make money here and there with small amounts of free time.
  3. Part-time. Ways to make good extra money on an ongoing part-time basis.
  4. Long term. This is where the big money is at! Ways to make lots of extra money that pay a ton more, but require a period of learning and/or some initial work before money is made.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below. However, they are all products I highly recommend as they all have been verified and/or personally used.


Section 1 (easiest) – Ways to make money on things you do already. 

  • Get paid for your online and internet activity. Swagbucks, Microsoft Rewards, Ebates
  • Answer surveys
  • Play games on your phone
  • Earn money through your social media accounts


Section 2 (simple) – Ways to make money with small amounts of free time.

  • Investing (done-at-home)
  • Answer surverys (done-at-home)
  • Rent out a room, or just your couch, on AirBnB
  • Join Fiverr (done-at-home)
  • Test websites (done-at-home)
  • Become a mystery shopper
  • Sell your stuff


Section 3 (part-time) – Ways to make a great, on-going, part-time income.

  • Become a freelance writer or virtual assistant (work-at-home)
  • Become a freelance proofreader (work-at-home)
  • Become an Uber or Lyft driver
  • Become a transcriptionist (work-at-home)
  • Become a pet-sitter
  • Background acting, modelling & voice-over work


Section 4 (long-term) – Ways to make larger sum of money. Often, these turn into your primary source of income as they allow you to be your own boss while travelling whenever you want!

  • Start a blog (work-at-home)
  • Monetize your social media through IZEA (work-at-home)
  • Launch a video-on-demand channel (VOD) like “Netflix” but for a niche market (work-at-home)
  • Start a dropshipping ecommerce site (work-at-home)
  • Selling on Amazon FBA (work-at-home)

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