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Looking for real tips on how you can save money starting today? If so, this is the place!

Remember the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.”? That’s not entirely true. A penny saved is 1.25 pennies earned. Or put another way, 4 pennies saved is 5 pennies earned.

How is that exactly? Remember, when you spend a penny, that is AFTER TAX incomes. For many people, it takes earning 1.25 pennies to get 1 penny to spend after income tax, social security tax, medicare, etc etc.

When you look at it this way, saving money is literally the easiest way to become Financially Independent.

All it takes is a mindset and the right information, which we have right here for you. So let’s begin and start saving money today.


How to save money – The best money saving tips

While there may be an endless amount of ways to save money, the best ones are often the easiest. Any many times, you not only save money, but you save time and get a better product. Here’s some money saving ideas below…

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  • Article 2
  • Article 3

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How to create a budget  – Don’t skip this part!

The majority of households today no longer create a budget.

This is a big mistake.

One of the reasons we have financial stress, separate from the debt and/or lack of income, is our lack of knowledge and planning. Creating a budget fixes that. Not only will creating a budget show you a path to becoming debt free and wealthier, but it help you become stress-free. And a stress free life leads to better health, better sleep, more happiness, more free time and so on and so on.

Everyone should create a budget. This used to be taught in high school as “home economics” but no longer is often taught. So don’t be shy that you don’t know how to do it correctly, we will show you with easy to understand steps and plain english.

Here are some of my best articles on how to create a budget:

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  • Article 2


How to save money for retirement – live the life of your dreams

This is critical! No matter how much or how little you make, no matter if you have started to save retirement or not, I’ll show you exactly how anyone, and I mean anyone, can retire a millionaire (or multi-millionaire).

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  • Article 2
  • Article 3

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How to save money for travel and travel in luxury

Want to stay in 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels in luxurious suites for little or, better yet, no money? Want to do a 54-day trip around the world, fly first class with stretch out beds, stay in top quality hotels, all for just over $400 total like I did? Then check the articles below.

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  • Article 2
  • Article 3

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