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Make life ‘work optional’ I say.

Technically, I could have retired years ago, decades before the average time most people do.

But I choose not to, in part because I do want to make more money to guarantee that I can enjoy life’s luxuries for decades to come, in part because I enjoy my work (when I choose to work) and in part because I already have all the freedom that a full retirement offers.

For nearly all of the post 2000 years, I have been able to work if and when I want, and travel when and where I want.

Best of all, I am able to enjoy several ‘mini-retirements’ for a few weeks to a few months per year, every year, while I am young, rather than old and all the issues that come with advanced age. Check out the “My Travels” link to see all the places I’ve been in just a little over a decade.

I believe most people would love to have a ‘work-optional, retire early’ lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, you do work, sometimes a lot. But because you largely your own boss, you don’t have to work. The stress that comes with most jobs is gone. It just isn’t there, because it is something you choose to do rather than have to do to get by.

No matter where you are in your journey to Financial Independence, we’ll start you on your work to a work-optional, retire-early lifestyle if that is what you choose. Or even a full-retirement lifestyle too. Just join our email list below to start your journey. No matter if you are in massive debt, just starting to make money or already have substantial investments, I am confident we can greatly speed your timeline to success. There is never any spam, I promise!


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